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Are you struggling to lose weight, feel constantly fatigued, or simply feel like you’re not at your best? It may be due to the buildup of toxins in your body. At Loudoun Ideal Chiropractic, Dr. Miok Hyoun offers a system called True Cellular Detox™ to help refresh your body and reboot your system. True Cellular Detox is available to help men and women of all ages in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Detox Q & A

What is True Cellular Detox?

Every day, toxins in our environment build up in our cells. Our bodies are used to dealing with a little bit of this, but after decades of exposure it can be simply too much for our cells to handle, and inflammation is the result. Toxic buildup is often at the root of everyday symptoms like fatigue, trouble sleeping, difficulty losing weight, low energy, low performance, brain fog, and other unwanted side effects.

True Cellular Detox is a program to rid your body of these toxins in order to refresh your body and reboot your life. It’s a training program that includes free toxicity testing, cellular healing recipes, meal plans and grocery lists, smoothie recipes, mindset strategies, and stress/emotional detox strategies. You’ll be supported at every step along the way, and at the end of the program you’ll experience the whole-body results of cellular detoxification.

This program uses three phases to determine which sources of stress may be causing body-wide damage and assisting the body in removing the toxins. The three phases are:

  • The prep phase: Focusing on preparing the body for detox
  • The body phase: Designed to rid the body of impurities
  • The brain phase: The ultimate in cellular detox.

Is True Cellular Detox right for me?

True Cellular Detox might be a good solution for you if you’re looking to:

  • Lose weight, or have had trouble losing weight in the past
  • Get better sleep, or if you feel like your sleep isn’t refreshing
  • Boost your energy
  • Boost your performance
  • Live longer and live better

How do I get started with True Cellular Detox?

Dr. Miok can help you get access to the True Cellular Detox program and support you through the process. To learn more about the program and if it’s right for you, contact Loudoun Ideal Chiropractic for an initial consultation. Based on your goals and medical history, Dr. Miok may recommend True Cellular Detox as part of your treatment plan. 

True Cellular Detox is effective for everyone, whether you’ve tried a detox before or are new to this type of body reboot. Either way, True Cellular Detox is unlike any other program out there, so you may experience all-new results. Contact Dr. Miok at Loudoun Ideal Chiropractic to learn more.